Whether you’re looking at lighting for a dealership, body shop, or other automotive-related business, City Lighting Products is bound to have the lighting solution you need to find success. There are a number of different automotive lighting systems that could be employed when attempting to find that perfect lighting solution, and what lighting you require will all come down to the type of environment and how it will be used by customers and employees alike.

Almost every space will require some type of ambient lighting. Whether it’s the customer service center of a body shop, the sales offices at a car dealership, or another space altogether; when people enter your building, they will need to be able to see properly, so they can easily navigate the area. That is where ambient lighting comes into use. Often times, ambient lighting takes the form of recessed LED or fluorescent lighting. In some situations, such as in the garage of a repair shop, this type of automotive lighting might be high bay / low bay lighting. If you’re not sure which type of ambient lighting would be the most useful or effective in your automotive space, the experts at City Lighting Products can provide guidance, working in partnership with you to make informed decisions.

Another type of automotive lighting that can be useful is task lighting. Task lighting helps customers and employees with performing specific tasks, whether that’s filling out paperwork at the front desk or properly seeing the cars that technicians are working on. Task lighting not only provides convenience, having the proper lighting can also increase the speed and efficiency of productivity. This is an asset to any business.

While task lighting can help get things done, accent lighting can assist with the aesthetics of the room. Sometimes this meaning accenting signs or wall art, but in the world of automotive lighting, accent lights may also help to illuminate vehicles that are for sale at a dealership. This type of lighting might help to put a little extra shine on this year’s latest models, giving them the enticing sparkle you need to close a deal.

Security can also be important when it comes to automotive lighting. Anytime a car will be in your care for an extended period of time, whether at your shop or at a dealership, you will want to make sure it is well-lit, as to deter any criminal actors from getting any bad ideas. City Lighting Products offers a number of security lighting options, so you can keep every areas securely lit.

Owning and operating a business can require a lot of upkeep, including repair and maintenance of your automotive lighting system. Whether it’s a burned out bulb or something more serious, City Lighting Products can help you to determine the problem and quickly find a solution. With over 10,000 products, in warehouses located across the country, City Lighting Products  is able to serve our customers with a speed and efficiency that many others cannot. With less distance for to travel from our warehouse to you, we are able to not only save you time; we can reduce the expense of freight shipping, as well.

With the expense of owning and operating a business on the minds of many owners and managers, we have many customers turn to us, asking about how they can reduce their overhead without losing lumens. That is why we carry a variety of energy efficient lighting products, so you can lower your monthly electric bill without sacrificing the optimal lighting you seek. It’s just one of the many services we provide for our customers at City Lighting Products, so we can ensure that every customer is satisfied with their lighting system.