Lights, Camera, Action! At City Lighting Products, we understand the way theater lighting plays an important role in a movie-goer’s overall experience. While many people may imagine a dark theater, where they and their popcorn are illuminated by little more than the bright screen, anyone who knows the ins and outs of a theater recognize all of the lights necessary for making a trip to the movies special.

Some of the most notable lighting exists before the guest even steps foot inside the lobby. This can include the lights of the marquee or the accent lighting illuminating each movie poster. These small touches can have a huge impact on helping visitors decide whether they’re interested in seeing a film and which they might enjoy. Accent lighting also plays a role inside, as well, highlighting signage around the lobby, concessions, and in the theater halls.

Each step of the way, theatergoers are also assisted by the proper placement of task lighting. When used as a part of an overall theater lighting system, task lighting can assist guests in performing actions. In this setting, examples might include purchasing a ticket at the box office, adding butter to their popcorn, or washing their hands in the restroom. Wherever you feel your guests will need extra lighting to perform a task, this type of theater lighting can be useful.

Finally, what would a movie theater be without ambient lighting? While theaters use ambient lighting the traditional ways, theater lighting also requires some unique solutions as well. For one, theaters require lights that can be raised or dimmed at the discretion of the staff. This is crucial to the theater experience. Because guests spend so much time in the dark, it is also critical to have lighting that helps them navigate the space, even when the house lights are down. Most commonly this means the strip lights that are seen on the floors, stairs, and walls of a movie theater. By outlining the space in this purposeful form of theater lighting, you can help guests move around with minimal disruption of the film.

Of course, like any business, theater managers and owners want to know that their theater lighting has exceptional ROI. One of the ways that this can be achieved is through energy-efficient lighting. By providing these options to our customers, City Lighting Products is able to help businesses design or update their theater lighting systems with solutions that can cut out unnecessary spending. This can make a noticeable impact when you add up the number of lights used in a typical movie theater.

Of course, when you have so many lights involved in your operations, some are bound to burn out or malfunction. City Lighting Products can is able to assist with both maintenance and repair, quickly and efficiently, with 10,000 products on hand, in warehouses across the nation. By ensuring that City Lighting Products is never far from our customers, we can provide swift service while reducing the distance (and cost) of freight shipping.