Having the proper lighting can be transformative to a guest’s experience, at hotels, resorts, and conference spaces. Whether your guests are traveling business people, families on vacation, or extended-stay guests: as specialists in hospitality lighting, City Lighting Products can help you create and maintain the ideal environment for your guests.

One of the most important types of lighting for those in hospitality is task lighting: the lighting that helps to highlight areas of your hotel or resort where guests are required to take action. For instance, the front desk and business centers, where guests may be reading, filling out paperwork, or conducting business. By illuminating areas of importance for the guest, you can assist in making their stay one of ease and comfort.

Another important type of hospitality lighting is ambient lighting, which helps to set the tone for the facility. City Lighting Products can help you to find the perfect match to meet the needs and expectations of the guest. Hotels and resorts will often require a hospitality lighting that different from room to room, area to area. While many areas of a hotel or resort might wish to have soft, warm lighting that emits a sense of comfort, conference rooms may demand something with higher lumens, more suited for doing business.

Accent and room lighting is another area of hospitality lighting that is important to create a welcoming mood for guests. When staying in a hotel room, it’s all too easy for a room to feel impersonal or cold. With the proper room and accent lighting, a hotel room can suddenly feel like the guest’s home-away-from-home: a safe and restful space for a traveler to stop to recharge. This can be achieve through a variety of solutions, from bedside lamps, to lighted mirrors, to wall and overhead lights. With over 10,000 different lighting solutions in our warehouse inventory, the team at City Lighting Products can help find the perfect solutions to meet the needs of your guests.

It is common for hospitality lighting fixtures to be aesthetically pleasing, as to provide that sense of warmth and hominess, but other areas may only require lighting that is practical: prime example of this might be workout rooms or pools, which frequently use LED or fluorescent lighting. The team of experts at City Lighting Products can assist you in determining what lighting might be best for each situation.

Because we understand that the replacement and maintenance of hospitality lighting can be unruly, City Lighting Products also offers services for your ease and convenience. Because we keep the vast majority of our products on hand, we are able to provide fast and efficient service when you need it, with warehouse locations all across the continent. This can be particularly helpful for hotel and resort chains.

At City Lighting and Products, we also have a variety of energy efficient products for those who may be seeking cost-effective hospitality lighting. We provide these sustainable lighting options as a service to our customers in the hospitality industry who are seeking to reduce their monthly energy costs.